I M REALLY A DUMBO!! don’t take this seriously..haha!

Receiving consecutively Two Blogger Award Nomination’s, i thought there would be some type of judgement of it and then only the judges would choose me whether I have won the award or not. But then my best friend in my College(Santu’s blog) having won two blogger awards made me think how come he got to know he has won the award?? So I made a telephone call to him,then he cleared all my doubts and said getting a Nomination is same as getting a blogger award! Strange!! Then I thought as why didn’t I gave any post when I received my 1st nominee of a lovely blog award!! grrrr.. really at 1st I thought what a dumbo I m!! But alas A TON OF THANKYOU TO SOMESH.. for nominating me for the “SUNSHINE AWARD”..

My 2nd Blogger Award..

good to have a friend like this!! 😉
So as per the norms..

Love or Money?
High salary or job satisfaction?
If i am not satisfied in a job then anything else can’t satisfy me
Favorite Book?
Many are there..but i like detective ones very much so obviously Sherlock Holmes.
Television character that you simply adore?
Popeye the Sailor Man!!
Favourite Music
I love to hear Tabla and Sitar very much..
Favourite type of movie
Action, Thriller, Romantic, Cartoons(Animated)

Now these are my Nominees..
MonaD’E– grt 1 to come across,this guy writes anything and everything about God,Creator etc..

angiestoecklinblog-writes on my favorite topic “LOVE”

dfolstad58 – a good way to explore a curious mind like him..

vighneshacharya -like his unique and simple way to express his thoughts..

bsetweddingdressforyou – her posts are very nice to read..

lifevoyagephotoblog – nice pics that makes me envy!!

justbetweencousins -chooses uncanny topics nd makes them very interesting!!

thanx a lot dear..

Noise.. Is it too disturbing??


Quite often ‘Noise’ is really a disturbing element for us and naturally to me also. As for me, I always like to be in such sort a place where there is a peaceful atmosphere, a place where I could think freely. But recently something made me to think a bit differently. Now for quite some time i have been residing in a mess where I stay completely alone not even the Landlord. The thing is, the landlord has got this house on a resale and they are yet to live in this house. But before that the house need to have some sort of reconstruction. During my 1st week of staying I saw the house being reconstructed as usual there were a lot of people working and made a hell of a noise. Being alone i was a bit tensed but one day i realized something..it was the noise of a marble-cutter: exactly what happened is that once the machine got started the noise kept on for sometime after then it stopped, to this I felt something uneasy and my mind told that why did the machine stop and when it happened I realized that unconsciously I was comfortable with that noise and I was happy that the noise was there. When it was not I craved that when will the machine will start again..goodness gracious then I asked myself whether the noise kept me an accompany to this lonely place that I lived in. I was very much surprised then and after that day when ever that sound came I felt a happy as something kept accompanied always and it didn’t had any effect on my thought process. It is really strange when you dislike something and that very thing indirectly is giving you company is really unimaginable..a short but a nice experience, in conclusion I can say is that one should never take anything in a negative frame of mind as everything has it’s very importance attached to it.  

A Lonely Voyager On The Seashore..

This was clicked when i went to Puri. I was with my Mom and was taking a stroll beside the beach..like always a camera in my hand and i started to take pictures of that beautiful evening. Later when i saw the pics on my lappi i was happy to take this snap. Till date, this one is very touchy to me with all the emotions attached with it, it takes me to that splendid evening which is etched in my heart. From that day onward whenever the sky takes a radiant glow towards dusk that memory touches my mind and its like a soothing touch.. a feeling where words fail to express it..

A Memorable year gone by..Thanks 2011..

With the Adieu of 2011 it is has made me a little sad but 2012 already made its presence I should be looking ahead instead of being sad. From Astrology point of view my 2012 would be good but to me I don’t believe in it so leaving that apart, I now to wish to take a reverse gear so that I could state those beautiful moments of 2011, to which I m grateful . With 2011 starting the 1st thing that was always in my mind was Campus Recruitment Drive that would be held in our college, yes I was really very crazy about it and wanted to get through it in one shot. I will come to this part later, but there were some other things that happened which was very memorable.. among them were, my 1st Valentine’s day ..the 4 hours spent with her was really veryyy special, we both had a great heavy lunch and spent the rest of the time happily! Then came our 1st Anniversary..yay that was another special moment to remember..feels very nice to know that we support each other in every step that we take and commit to the fact that we will be there for each other till the last breath of our lives. Amidst we both celebrated our Birthdays with full pomp and enjoyed to the fullest..The craziest part amongst our birthday was that on her birthday she was at home and her Mom being very strict made her to stay at home but at the evening she went out to buy Maggi. So there came a chance to meet her, so scheduling my timing right we were able to meet only for 3 minutes, but yes that 3 minutes made my day..and she looked really beautiful that day, couldn’t keep my eyes off her!! 

                                                               Now after my birthday there came the rumours of TCS coming for Campus Interview..well well what can I say..the fact of making the future strong  and stable makes 1 so nervous..it can only be felt before something like this big happening to your life. We friends went to the TPO twice or thrice a day, the person concerned to TPO kept a cool mind didn’t fuzz to the regular visits that we made to him( he was popularly called as TPO’r dadu). A really funny part!! Now TPO not being able to confirm when TCS will come made us very anxious and with Durga Puja coming made the intensity of anxiousness even more. Pheeewww!!  finally TCS  came for a                 pre-placement  talk which generally happens 1 month before they come for Recruitment. So now knowing when they will come, our goal was set and with 1 month left it was time for action. I took everything lightly but was very much cautious to everything concerning to TCS. With October coming  it was the time for Durga Puja!! Yay!! Durga Puja to a Bengali is more than a Puja, went for Pandal Hopping starting from Sasthi, this puja was very very good and I enjoyed it very much. Now only few days remaining it was time to work hard, which unfortunately did not apply to me. The main point to me was clearing the aptitude round as I was confident of the Personal Interview. Finally the D-day came, the aptitude round was good, and to my surprise the PI was held on the same day and I was not prepared for that, but with God’s grace and luck on my side I did fairly well. Next day it was time for the results..mind wreaking time really!!..waited at the audi for nearly 3 hours before my name was announced..well I really yelled out loud and tears came out, but at the same time was unhappy for my close frndzz who was not selected. It was 19th November the day I will remember forever as I could give this great news to my Mother which I wanted it very much. The celebrations went on for some good time. We friends had a great time at the hostel, we made chicken curry..and in one day I made it all which was fantastic to eat.  Being a foodie me and my family went to some famous restaurants of Kolkata, the buffet menu did make us more greedy to visit more and more restaurants.

It was a great year that went by and the memories that it conveys it to me is really fantastic, a Big Thank You to all those who supported me..Thanx again..well the journey doesn’t  stop here it will continue to reach higher peak to which 2012 is an again an important  year to me and to my family and I have to deliver the goods at any cost. I m ready to discover 2012..are you??